Best Antivirus APK for Android and iOS

If you are looking for the best antivirus APK for your smartphone, you are in the right place. Most of the free android antivirus APK was ineffective against malware, filled with annoying ads, or falsely advertised as free, but a lot of free APK is just free trials or very limited versions of the pro applications. Some are fake applications designed to harvest user data.

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Best Antivirus APK for Android

Here are some Best Antivirus APK for Android that’s are really free:


Avire is a top free android antivirus that is excellent virus detection and removal engine along with a wide range of additional security features, all including an intuitive dashboard. It can successfully be detected, block, and remove all malware from your device. Because it is cloud-based, there was very little strain on your battery life or system resources.


McAfee offers users some great free features, but it is special for its theft protection feature. Its anti-theft features can be accessed from McAfee’s convenient online dashboard. If your phone gets lost or stolen, this application helps you to find your phone.


This antivirus app provides users low impact cloud-based antivirus scanning as well as good anti-theft features. It is able to block the vast majority of malware. Its scanner fully operates in the cloud, it did not drain your phone battery like most other antivirus applications.

Its anti-theft feature is pretty good, you can lock, wipe, and locate your phone, as well as trigger a loud scream from its online dashboard.

Panda Dome

Panda Dome antivirus offers users decent antivirus protection, anti-theft features, an app privacy scanner, and a VPN. All features can be operated remotely from an android wear smartwatch.

It also includes antitheft features like remote location tracking, data wipe, and device locking. Its remote selfie can and alarm features are only available in the premium version of this application.


Kaspersky is a decent free internet security application for all android users. It only provides a couple of free features, it is very easy to use. To use this application you need to just enable a couple of permissions when you install the app and press the scan button when you want to check your device for viruses.

this application provides good on-demand malware detection, but it does not provide real-time scannings like Avira or McAfee.

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