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2 Jan 2023
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Kingdom Command Mod APK – A long time ago a Tyrant ruled a distant island. The people suffered in a small and horrible world. Yet, it was a beautiful place, and if they just could be set free, life would be wonderful. They needed a hero. They needed a new king. They needed… you! Kingdom Command is a turn-based game with simple rules yet deep strategic gameplay. The turns are simultaneous, meaning that all players’ orders will be executed at the same time. Therefore you must guess what your opponents are up to!

To win, you must conquer lands and castles, build your army, and outwit your opponent.

Kingdom Command Mod APK Features:

– Turn-based online multiplayer games: Do your move when you have time, you get a push message when it is your turn again.

– Single-player campaign: Beat the computer player in increasingly difficult challenges, and conquer the world!

– Deep Strategic Gameplay
You must anticipate your opponent’s movements, and plan ahead. What to build, where to go, what to conquer.

– No Luck
There are no dice involved. Units engage in combat using clearly defined rules.

– Play When You Have Time
Multiplayer is typically played one or two moves each day, which is great as it adds a level of excitement to your life to have a game going. Matches can also be played “live”, with all players connected until one has won.

– Varied Gameplay
Different items are available to buy from the market each round. In addition, random technologies can be researched. This makes each game unique. Combined with a varied set of maps, the game has a very high replayability value.

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